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I'm a recovering pessimist. A perennial Kid Soccer Country one. I know it's a striking confession given the nature of my site. But in a paradoxical way, Cheap Nike Fowler Game Jerseys pessimism's been great fuel for personal growth. Pitiful dwellings on life's miseries launch me into striving for the best possible world.In the same way being poor teaches us to appreciate wealth, having our hearts broken Cheap Kids Altuve Nike Jerseys teaches us to love faithfully, Cheap Maxwell Elite Jerseys struggle and failure magnifies our victories Eeyore's melancholy in a subtle way highlights the joys in life.Here are seven classic lines and lessons for a beautiful life from Eeyore:1. "Thanks for Cheap Womens Suzuki Twins Jerseys noticing me."It's what we all want. Beyond our physical needs, New York Giants the existential cry for acknowledgment underlies everything we do.To be noticed, to be love, to be validated.One of Eeyore's favorite lines highlights the power Cheap Walker Pirates Jerseys in simply acknowledging Cheap Nike Reyes Womens Jerseys someone's presence. Appreciating the uniqueness of their character, the serendipity that allows Cheap Elite Crisp Nike Jerseys friends to share the same space and time. Every relationship is made up of chance occurrences long sleeve soccer jerseys cheap which deserve some marveling.And when silence is no longer Cheap Limited Walters Nationals Jerseys Cheap Cheap Elite Parrino Jerseys Authentic Feierabend Jerseys awkward in any relationship it's a beautiful experience of "noticing" one another that should be celebrated.2."It's Cheap Authentic McHugh Nike Jerseys snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily."So it is.""Is it?""Yes, Cheap Limited Gillespie Jerseys " said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening up a little, "we haven't had an earthquake lately."We've all blown Oklahoma City Thunder things out of proportion before. Our problems will expand to fill the mental space we give it, and often, we give far too much.Psychologists call it Catastrophic Thinking, defaulting to worst case scenarios we think getting pulled Cheap Nike Avila Jerseys over means a night in jail. Fear is a powerful mechanism, and if untamed, it knows no boundaries.Eeyore Baltimore Ravens authentic nfl jerseys Jersey knows the key the word "However" causes a mental reappraisal, a mindfulness that allows for a more rational evaluation. And actually, thinking the worst case scenario, allows us to realize how unjustified and Cheap Nike Parra Authentic Jerseys unrealistic we're being.3. "A tail isn't a tail to them, it's just a little bit extra at the back."Not everyone will understand you, Cheap Blue Jays Getz Kids Jerseys and that's okay. We celebrate freedom of speech, but often get bent out of shape when someone expresses an opposing Cheap Hundley Elite Jerseys view.Just like you can take a horse to water but not make it drink, there's Cheap Youth Wooten Authentic Jerseys no point going Houston Texans Jersey blue in the face telling someone it's a tail if all they Cheap Martinez Pirates Jerseys see is "extra at the back."4. "To the uneducated an A is just Cheap Plouffe Authentic Jerseys three sticks."Ignorance is bliss for those who are ignorant about bliss. Eeyore must have read some Socrates, who said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."Knowledge has the power to expand our human experience. To learn any language is to open up to literally a whole new Whynotcheckhere world. To learn any skill increases your self confidence, and ability to add value to someone else's life.Give yourself the gift of seeing more than just sticks; challenge yourself to learn one new thing each day.5. "They're funny Cheap Limited Veras Womens Jerseys things, accidents. You never Cheap Cheap Aceves Elite Jerseys Game Gose Youth Jerseys have them till you're having them."To live life in bubble wrap may www.dell.com prevent us from ever getting hurt, but Cheap Kids Beimel Game Jerseys it'll certainly prevent us from ever experiencing a meaningful life.So while we can do our best to be wise and cautious, ultimately our best is the best Cheap Limited Cecil Jerseys we Cheap Youth Hannahan Game Jerseys can do. Accidents are indiscriminate to try and live in prediction of them is paralyzing.

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